February Specials

A month of love and self care!

25% OFF Power of Touch Couples Workshop

$150 for the month of February

Need a great date idea? Come in for our Couples Workshop!

During Power of Touch Couples Workshop you and your partner will learn massage techniques and to communicate with each other on what feels good! Touch is our first sense to develop and is so importation. Touch and massage are something we all know how to do but may need a little help in refining it. This is a private workshop where you and your partner will learn a mix of Swedish and Thai massage techniques to perform on each other. Your instructor will also help you give and receive feedback so this is something you can take home to perform on each other safely and effectively. During this 2 hour workshop you will stay clothed with the instructor.

Color Up Bath Bombs and Salve 20% OFF

Color Up's Bath Bomb comes with 60 mg of organic CBD and infused with organic essential oils. Once bath is filled, drop it in and let it fizz until fully dissolved. We suggest staying in for at least 20 minutes to get the most relaxation out of the hemp oil bath bomb.

CBD mixed with arnica is the perfect treatment for a sore, overused and tired muscle. We carry Color Up's Salve in two sizes, 300 mg and 600 mg. 

New Client Special For February 

All new clients please enjoy a complimentary 30 minute massage or free facial upgrade or a facial upgrade to an advanced exfoliation treatment. When you book your appointment please add in the notes that you are a new client. Can be added to any other appointment.