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Balanced Massage

An integrated approach to massage. Incorporate multiple styles or techniques to treat a range of issues to leave you feeling balanced. Good for maintenance massage, injury prevention and injury treatment. Massage takes place on a massage table wit standard draping of sheets.

$75- $130

60, 90 min

2 hour

Fusion Massage

2 Hours of massage. First half is Thai massage on the mat being stretched and compressed and warmed up. I'll do a quick change of room set up and the second half of the massage is on the table getting to specific points that need to be released. This is a great service for someone who needs therapeutic work but still wants to experience deep relaxation. 


Add on Aromatherapy, Cupping, CBD spot treatment

Enhance your session with one of these tools.

**Add on CBD full body treatment ($10)


Specialty Massage

Thai Massage

This treatment uses ancient stretching and massage techniques to leave you feeling free and relaxed. Compression and slow movements give a therapeutic touch to this massage. Thai massage takes place on a mat on the floor, you are dressed in comfortable clothing such as yoga pants, work out clothes, sweats or scrubs. 


90 min

2 hour

Sports Stretch Massage

This service uses a variety of massage techniques designed to help your body feel freer and stronger. It is particularly great for those with active lifestyles and/or recovering from a big event. This service takes place on a massage table, you come dressed in comfortable clothing. May include heat, ice, emollient and/or cupping


30 min-60 min

Add on Express or Balanced Facial

Want a combo?Add on a facial to any massage! Look for description below



30min- 60 min

Power of Touch Couples Workshop

$200 for a 2 hour workshop

Skin Care


Balanced Facial

Let's customize a facial just for you! In this hour we will discuss your skin needs and goals. Your aesthetician will mix and match products to get individual results you crave! Goals can include clear skin, reduce wrinkles, brighten complexion and more.


45 min

Rocky Mountain Glow Facial

Exclusively using Color Up Therapeutic products for this facial. Great for working with your skin to get the results you are looking for . 60 Mins or upgrade to a 90 min for extra massage and additional mask help with product penetration!



This facial was created with gentlemen in mind. Our earth and woods based scented products will help clear skin, reduce fine lines, and minimize pore size. Finish with a high frequency treatment that helps prevent ingrown hairs and beards.


45 min


Does the skin on your back need some attention? Great for clearing up acne, resurfacing for a smoother texture and evening out skin tone. Perfect for anyone about to show off their skin!


45 min

Express Facial

Facial and go! Pick one focus, exfoliation, extractions, clear skin or relaxation. Great for a quick treat or in between treatments


25 min

Advanced Exfoliation

Chemical Peel

A chemical solution is applied topically that help to rejuvenate the skin surface by creating an even and controlled shedding of the skin cells. This allows new layers to be exposed, which creates a fresh appearance and smoother texture to the skin surface. This treatment reduces wrinkles, blemishes, pigment spots, sun-damaged areas, and helps build collagen. May require downtime after treatment.


20 min

Diamond Microdermabraision

This treatment softens fine lines and wrinkles, helps to re-texturize the skin so it’s smoother, decreases the appearance of scarring, decreases pore size, reduces superficial hyper-pigmentation, builds collagen, and makes it easier for medical skincare products to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.


20 min


A noninvasive, painless procedure in which surface dead skin cells are manually scraped away with a medical grade scalpel. There is no recovery time involved with this procedure. The skin starts to heal itself, immediately producing newer, healthier skin. Dermaplaning increases cellular turnover while smoothing and softening the surface of the skin. As an added bonus, it removes the fine vellus hair on the face, which can trap oil and dirt, leading to other skin problems


30-60 min

Facial Enhancements

Advanced Exfoliation Package

Includes 5 Chemical peels and/or Diamond Microdermabraisions. This is a perfect package for those looking for results in their skin. We'll try to get you in every 10-15 days.


Add on Facial

Want an advanced exfoliation treatment but also all the goodness of a relaxing facial? Add this on for extra time and luxury


25 min

Add on Hydrojelly Mask

Drinking water or putting on more moisturizer is not always enough to re-hydrate skin. These masks come infused with electrolytes and additional ingredients that we can adjust to fit your skin needs. A hydrojelly mask also traps products underneath letting them penetrate deeper during your facial.







Chin or Side Burns


Full Face






Half Legs/Legs





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